Elizabeth: Religious Conflict

In the movie Elizabeth there were tons of conflicts. Some not so gravely big or dangerous, but some were very intense. The one I choose to write about is the religious conflict, which has a lot of aspects to it. Elizabeth was a protestant, but strongly believed that it didn't matter which religion a person chose to have. She believed that there was one God no matter what. One of her problems was that her counselors mostly were Catholic, and they didn't like her way of thinking.

She passed the Act of Uniformity, to unify the Anglican Church. This was to a lot of protest from the bishops surrounding her. The Church of Rome reacted strongly to this act, calling for justice. Since she was legitimate neither in the Protestant or the Catholic Church, they soon plotted against her. The Romans allied themselves with the Duke of Norfolk, and the Spanish king.

The Pope wrote a declaration about Elizabeth, that she was the heretic heir to the throne and that she should be overthrown. The plan was to marry the Duke of Norfolk to the Mary of Scots, take over the throne and to reinstate the Catholic Church in England. Before Elizabeth, her half-sister Bloody Mary had ruled in the Catholic faith. Mary persecuted the Protestants and they were burned publicly.  Elizabeth figured out with help from her ally, Sir Francis Walsingham, that the Duke of Norfolk and the Romans planned to assassinate her. Elizabeth shortly took action and imprisoned Mary, beheaded the Duke, tortured John Ballard who was a Roman spy, and assassinated all her enemies who participated in the plot. 

Source: Movie, Elizabeth, 1998

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Good - well written - take care to use capital letters in Catholic.


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