7a - Child Labour

"Child labour is still found in many parts of the world. What responsibility do we in developed countries have for child labor in poorer countries?"

We have a great responsibility to try and help them in every way we can. On the news and all over the internet there are pictures of children working as either a soldier, on the streets, in farms or in factories. These children live in a world we in more developed countries know very little about. It is difficult to find a way to help them, because that would mean we have to get rid of poverty all together. The children often work to help their poor families survive another day. The conditions are tough for a lot of families.

We cannot give all the poor families money to survive. What we in more developed countries could do is to help the governments of their countries establish more job opportunities. Larger corporations could move factories or build new ones in their countries, so the parents would have a better paid job. This would lead to the child not having to work. I also believe that the focus on education among the poorer families should become bigger.

Child labour is like a taboo. It happens, but not many people talk much about it. Most people do not want to be associated with it. In many instances, big corporations use children to work for them. What we could do as consumers is to try and expose those who use children as workers. To be assosiated with this is very bad publicity, and could lead to the children not having to work for them anymore.

As already mentioned, child labour is difficult to prevent or fix. We cannot change everything in a day, week or year. It is going to take a very long time. But, we can do something. Organizations are working very hard to help them and to raise awareness about the topic. The organizations offer ways that people in developed countries can help and even if we cannot help everybody, we can make a change.


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