A Letter To My Family

02.10.1930 12.30 PM

My dear family

I am so sorry I had to leave you like this. This economic situation really took a toll on me. I was so confident when I bought all the stocks, even though I had to borrow a lot of money. When the stock prices went up to a point that could not be justified, I decided to sell them. Unfortunately, I was not the only one who had that idea. Everyone I know who invested in something, started to sell as well. Everyone panicked, and the stock prices went down. Since I bought stocks on margin, all my money were gone by the time I sold my stocks. In the end they were worthless. When the market finally crashed, I got laid off, and had lost everything.

I have left the country. It was necessary for me to try and find a solution. The little amount of savings I had left was not nearly enough to take care of you. At this time, I have arrived in Uruguay. The dollar still has a little value here, and it seems the stock market is a lot stronger than it is back in the US. My plans now are to find a place to live, however cheap it must be, and to find a job that can pay me enough money to build a life back home again. If that does not work out, I will try and find a way you can join me down here.

If you join me, we could have a farm with sheep and cows. We could build a better life for ourselves. I feel terrible for leaving you in this situation, but it is necessary for me to keep going and to try and make things right again. I miss you so much, and you are in my thoughts all day long. When I figure out what to do, I will send you a new letter. In the meantime, I will send you a little money so you can take of yourselves.

Love from
Your father and husband

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23.11.2014 kl.18:41

Fine - just add the date and year - and add the missing word close to the end.

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