Summary: Countdown to WW1

It all started with the Archduke of Austria-Hungary being assassinated by 19-year-old Gavrilo Princip. Princip was back by a Serbian terrorist groupcalled The Black Hand. The Achduke was heir to the throne in Austria-Hungary, and they started to seek revenge. Germany shows its support if Austria-Hungarychoose to go to war against Serbia. All this while Britain tries to deter Germany. They did not listen. Austria-Hungary gives Serbia an ultimatum, but Serbia rejects it because it violates their constitution. Britian sends a plead for peace, and suggested a peace conference. It did not help, and Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.Russia wanted to send help to Serbia, but called it off after getting a letter from his cousin, The Kaiser of Germany. Russia regrets its decision, and mobilizes its forces again.The tension between France and Germany arose.Germany then declared war on Russia and France, and asks for safe passage through Belgium. Belgium was Britian's ally, and they sent an ultimatum to Germany. Germany rejects this and it is declared war between the two countries.

Pre-World War Europe


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Good - complicated world back then too.

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