Page 61 Task 4: Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013

My name is Maria Miller. I was the one who said introduced this Bill, and reached out to the House of Commons to convince them to vote in favor. The Marriage Act is a Bill allowing same-sex couples to marry, and the marriage to be recognized as such by entering England and Wales. Northern Ireland and Scotland was not a part of this, and when entering either one of those, the marriage is recognized as a civil partnership.

This Bill was supported by the gay communities and gay rights movements, such as Stonewall. One of the British organizations, the Labour Humanists, also supported this Bill. Many opposed this Bill too. Some of the conservative representatives in the House of Commons expressed discomfort against the legislation. Some priests and Muslims also spoke out against the Marriage Act. The Church of England and The Church of Wales do not have permission to wed same-sex couples, only if they express clearly that they wish to do so.

We took the Bill through the House of Commons and the House of Lords, before it got Royal Assent on the 17th of July 2013. The 13th of March 2014 the Bill was in to force, and the first same-sex marriages took place the 29th of March.


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Fine! To improve, fix these: I was the one who introduced?

Northern Ireland and Scotland were not ?

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