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a a) Statistics show that there are 1,75 million homeless people in America. The statistics are from 2013 and show facts about conditions the homeless are living in. They also show the racial breakdown and demographic make-up of the homeless population. Children are also mentioned. In fact, the number of children living under the poverty level is 12million. 20% of the ones who stand in a soup kitchen line are children. When 36% of the homeless population is families with children, it doesn?t look good at all.

The average monthly income for a homeless individual is 348 dollars. This is not nearly enough to live an OK life. It actually leads to the fact that 28% of those who are homeless do not get enough food daily. What is also a little scary to look at is the racial breakdown of the homeless population. A massive 50% of homeless people are African-Americans. It can make you wonder if it has something to do with racism and the slavery back in U.S. history. On the other hand, only 1% homeless are of Asian descent.

bb) Given that the population in the U.S. is 317 million:

- 0,5 % of the population are homeless

- 3,8% is made up of children who live under the poverty level

- Approximately 10% (9,77) of the American people live in hunger or on the edge of it

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, 2013

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Gro Liland

18.12.2014 kl.12:52

you have answered the task well. However, if you want to improve it, you can add some comments to the last sentence about Asians (clever at school, hard work).

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