7a - Child Labour

"Child labour is still found in many parts of the world. What responsibility do we in developed countries have for child labor in poorer countries?" We have a great responsibility to try and help them in every way we can. On the news and all over the internet there are pictures of children worki...


b) The Enlightenment led to the Industrial Revolution. The Enlightenment was a new sprawling intellectual movement throughout Europe. It dedicated itself to reason and reacted against religion. Practical insights led to new and more efficient ways to produce goods. The age of mass production bega...

Elizabeth: Religious Conflict

In the movie Elizabeth there were tons of conflicts. Some not so gravely big or dangerous, but some were very intense. The one I choose to write about is the religious conflict, which has a lot of aspects to it. Elizabeth was a protestant, but strongly believed that it didn't matter which religio...

Early British History

The early British history is full of action and changes. The first people who lived in Britain were hunters and they gathered everything they needed. At that time, nobody could write, so they didn't leave a record that they existed. What they did leave was artifacts and tools that they used. Afte...


18, Kvam

Her poster eg arbeid fr English Social Studies.